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95% of Aluminum gets Recycled from End of Life Vehicles

95% of Aluminum gets Recycled from End of Life Vehicles

Manufacturing a lighter vehicle and recyclable are considered as the two most appropriate goals for a manufacturer. Aluminium is the magical metal which can help in building a most efficient vehicle which is lighter and even can ensure higher recycling by its end of life. Recycling of aluminium has a very significant impact on the environment as the energy consumption gets lowered by 95% in case of recycled aluminium compared to that of producing primary aluminium from the ore. On average, processing of 1 tonne of primary aluminium emits around 10.6 tonnes of Co2 and whereas the recycled aluminium emits around 0.73 tonnes Co2.

Because of these fantastic properties of aluminium ( lightweight, safe, fully recyclable) innovations are happening in such a direction to increase the share of aluminium by car manufacturers.

Recycling Stages:

Delivery - In the very first step when a vehicle reaches its end of useful life it is delivered to an authorised treatment facility

Depollution - In the next step the hazardous and dangerous substances like Oils, fuel, battery acid, coolants, anti-freeze, windscreen wash, and refrigerants and others removed

Dismantling - Later parts that are easy to remove and parts that makes economic sense to dismantle like motors, steering etcetera are removed and are sold out to relevant spare parts vendor.

Shredding - The remainder of the vehicles is then shredded into small pieces so that the material can be sorted in different scrap streams.

Sorting - Normally the ferrous material is first removed by magnetic separation. And the non-ferrous portions are then separated and sorted with a range of different methods including eddy current, sink float, and more recently sensor-based sorting.

A typical car recycled today contains around 125kg of aluminium. In today's modern plants around 95% of the aluminium at an end of life vehicle is successfully and profitably reused or recycled into new aluminium products substituting primary metal.


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