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Are common workspaces going to be a opulent amenity in future residential buildings !!

Are common workspaces going to be a opulent amenity in future residential buildings !!
Office Space Amenity

All these days in many residential projects we use to hear about the opulent amenities like banquet halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools, play areas and what not!! But now post this pandemic we may here about common residential project integrated workspaces!!

This pandemic has really helped in testing the potential benefits of work from home culture. Many surveys even proved about the impact of a sharp rise in productivity too. In case if productivity is enhanced then what else is required by the employer. Apart from those who have their own office buildings rest others relying on rented or leased spaces can benefit most out of this work from home culture.

Energy bills, refreshments related expenses and other maintenance-related costs have been saved by the organisations. Apart from these tangible benefits, there is a huge impact on large amounts of emissions caused due to transit of millions of employees to and fro to offices. A research report stated that the transport sector contributes around 10% of national GHG emissions and work from home may mitigate a major portion of it. Employees are even avoiding terrific traffic-related problems too!!

Apart from obvious benefits out of work from culture, there are few hitches related to comfortable ergonomic spaces, seamless power and network issues. At this juncture, the idea of creating common workspaces in residential projects may address all the hitches mentioned above very effectively.

Maybe in the very near future, we can see a sharp rise in demand for these kinds of residential projects integrated with workspaces.


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