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UV - C Sanitizer | Wireless Disinfection through UV Lamps

UV - C Sanitizer | Wireless Disinfection through UV Lamps

COVID 19 has completely changed the way we are living to date. Sanitization became the first and topmost priority point on everyone's agenda. Along with food, shelter & clothes, sanitization got added into the primary necessities list. Personal sanitization can be managed to a maximum extent easily. But when it comes to sanitization of large spaces like hospitals, hotels, malls, and other public spaces it is a tough task. Although these places were employing manual sanitizing methods all these days through different chemicals, this is no more considered as effective. Manual chemical sanitization cannot kill spores and germs at every nook and corner that effectively due to difficulty in reaching all specific areas. Manual chemical cleaning also consumes a lot of time and effort for sanitization. World post COVID 19 is demanding a more frequent sanitization at very regular intervals and this will add up more cost and at the same time more manpower too.

At this juncture, UV - C wireless sanitizer is considered as one of the best solutions to address all the issues of manual chemical cleaning. Till now UV Lamps were used for germicidal control in AHU's and this concept has been used in developing UV - C sanitizer.

UV Lamps - C Range ( Short Range) :

UV-C is ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths in the range of 200 to 280 nm, considered as the best wavelength for germicidal control and for disinfection systems. This radiation disrupts the DNA of a wide range of microorganisms rendering them harmless.

UV - C Disinfection Range

UV - C Wireless Sanitizer :

This is a simple tower mounted on a 4 wheel platform embedded with UV - C tube lights and can be controlled through wireless technology. These portable devices can sanitize the given facility very easily at very low cost and at very minimal time. I came across such sanitizer from BridgethingsIOT which was found interesting. A video about their system is also placed for an easy understanding of the technology.

Features of UV-C Sanitizer:
  • Portable and compact device
  • Low operating cost per UV-C output. ( Typical system draws less than 2A )
  • Effective reduction of typical viruses and bacteria in a 1-minute timeframe and on spores like C-diff in 5 minutes at 10 feet
  • No separate monitoring required - Cloud supported
  • Required no chemicals 
  • Remotely & safely controlled for starting, stopping, and resetting the device allowing the user to remain outside the room
  • High sensitivity 360 Degree motion sensing & emergency stop feature for aborting UV exposure in case motion sensed nearby
  • 9000 hours of lamp life
Hazards of UV Lamp Radiation to Humans

UV-C is a high-penetrating form of radiation and is hazardous to human skin if over exposed. Hence there is a need to use it in a controlled and safe manner. These wireless UVC sanitizers are featured with 360 Degree motion sensing which allows immediate tripping of unit if any motion is detected nearby. Even nuclear energy used in an uncontrolled manner is leads to explosion but utilized in a controlled way provides us with the useful power generation.


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