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Indian Government's Interesting Step Towards Water Conservation

Office Memorandum - Installation of Aerators at all Government Buildings 


'Water crisis' is the trending word in India now as its affecting nearly 330 million people ( one fourth population of the country).Chennai water crisis will explain everything about the drastic effects of water crisis.

Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) report released by the Niti Aayog in 2018 shows that 21 major cities in the country like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and others will be reaching to zero groundwater levels by 2020, affecting access for about 100 million people.

However, 12 per cent of India’s population is already in the 'Day Zero' scenario, excessive groundwater pumping, an inefficient and wasteful water management system will aggravate the situation further.

The Union government recently formed a new ministry named Jal Shakti, which targets at managing water issues with a holistic and integrated perspective. Number of water conservation methods has been taken up till date and now comes an interesting initiative of applying water conservation techniques in Government buildings all over the country.

"Follow before You Preach" - Motivation is also an important factor in any activity. Government of India has utilized this excellent opportunity and released an office memorandum (M-65022/11/2019-NMM) “Requesting for installation of 'Aerators' in Government Buildings” - A great step towards water conservation. 

What are these aerators?

Aerators are the simple devices which when connected to water faucets will deliver a mixture of water and air as a non-splashing stream. This technology reduces water consumption by nearly 95% without compromising its actual purpose.

New dome type aerators can be fixed to any kind of standard faucet in just 60 seconds, which will diffuse the water spray and serves the purpose with just 0.4 litres per minute at 1.5 bar pressure. These aerators can save nearly 558000 litres of water every year in a building occupied by 100 employees. 

Now it’s our turn:

Let’s extend this water conservation initiative to corporate and household level too. Installation of aerators for maximum possible applications or at least spreading this initiative to maximum people will help.

Brand Aerators are now available on amazon itself in just a click away - BuyHere 

"Let’s not allow our throats go dry - Conserve water"    

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