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Electric Charging Stations in India for vehicles

Electric Charging Stations in India for vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations In India

                   Electric vehicle is a buzzing word in India now as the country took has took an ambitious target of manufacturing and selling only electric vehicles by 2030.Government is working in a very constructive manner to achieve this target.The only major resistance for EV penetration was the un- availability of proper charging infrastructure.As a very first step to overcome this resistance government recently has announced no qualification criteria for opening public charging stations. In today's budget giving a big boost to EV movement,government has announced an additional tax benefit of  1.5 Lakh on the interest paid on loans taken for the purchase of electric vehicles.This announcement will definitely attract vehicle buyers in the country which eventually leads to development of charging infrastructure too.

               Different cities in India have already got some Electric charging stations, but still many people are not aware of the information about these stations.Definitely some people in the country will be self driven towards purchasing of EV and the information about these already established charging stations will infuse some confidence in them to go with Electric vehicles.This will eventually catalyzes the movement and helps the nation to achieve its environmental goals.

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