Certification Process | ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Certification Process | ISO 50001 Energy Management System

ISO 50001 Certification Process

Certification of an Energy Management System will present to an organisation’s clients that the organisation has accomplished an internationally recognized standard in terms of energy management and is continuously enhancing its energy performance.

Employing a Certification Body that has been accredited by an International Accreditation Body on ISO 50001 provides international recognition of the EnMS established. Accreditation is a systematic process in which a CB is audited by a third party to ensure the competence of the CB in the provision of the relevant certification process.

Important Points to Note Before Proceeding for Certification:

  • Certification is possible but not obligatory
  • However, ISO develops only standards but doesn’t  perform any certification
  • Few accredited / non accredited bodies can perform certification
  • Should choose bodies that use CASCO standard - Committee on Conformity Assessment
  • After certification: 
            ISO Certified ( Wrong )
            ISO 50001:2018 certified ( Correct )

In broad ISO 50001, Energy Management System certification process involves following major steps :

Preliminary Visit:

  • Understanding of process, products, Services and Boundary
  • Complexity estimation of the system to be audited
  • Questionnaire submission, data gathering
  • Decision making on Overall scope and duration
Document Check:

Assess compliance through following document and record check 

  • Energy Manual 
  • Energy Policy
  • Energy Review 
  • Energy Baseline, Energy Objectives, Targets & Action Plans  
  • List of Significant Energy Uses  
  • List of Legislative Requirements Related to Energy Uses and Procurement  
  • Records of the internal audit results  
  • Records of corrective and preventive actions  
  • Records of management review  
  • Complaints received & incidents and  
  • Energy procedure and list of operational controls
Preliminary Audit:

  • A complete walkthrough around the plant
  • Audit Centres around key areas of EnMS like
  • Internal Audit Evaluation
  • Management Review
  • Legal Requirements
  • Training & Communication
  • Identification of Non-Conformities & Observations which needs to be corrected by the plant before Certification Audit
Certification Audit:
  • Conducted approximately 1 month after Preliminary Audit
  • This audit centres around the implementation of all documented systems
  • Checks for all basic requirements including regulatory compliance & continual improvement in energy management stated by the standard
  • Finally if no critical non-conformities, the plant will be recommended for certification else a follow-up visit will be scheduled
Surveillance Audit:
  • The Certification Body will conduct surveillance visits every 6 months or 1 year to check the EnMS implementation such as progress against objectives and targets
  • Even use of certificate and certification logo is checked
Renewal Audit:
  • A certificate is issued for  3 years
  • Renewal has to be done before this period
  • Focusses on 
  • Energy review & Results
  • SEU’s & Controls
  • Approximate  time for certification from the development of systems will be nearly 6 months to 1 year depending on the complexity of the organisation and current state of energy management
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