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An Interesting Self Meter Reading APP with Energy Consumption Insights

An Interesting Self Meter Reading APP with Energy Consumption Insights

Around 60% of electrical energy consumption in India is from non-Industrial sectors like Residential, Agricultural and commercial. There are robust systems in place for industries to monitor and optimise their energy consumption. But in case of residential and commercial sectors, these systems are not well placed due to n number of reasons like lack of awareness, lack of infrastructure etcetera. But there exists a lot of potential to save energy in these sectors by employing techniques as simple as just analysing their energy bill and optimising their consumption without compromising the comfort. 

At this juncture, we found a simple mobile application called Bharat Self Meter Reading which was found little interesting as they are trying to empower consumers from this non-industrial sector by taking them through few simple steps in their APP. Mr Sikinder Reddy Thandra, Co-founder & CEO of Coral Innovations Pvt. Ltd has given us a complete background and functionalities of this APP.
Mr Reddy says......

Meter is at consumer premises accessible 24x7.

Almost every consumer has a Smartphone.

Consumers want actual bills with on dot Meter reading instead of depending on meter reader visit.

Download the APP here 

What was missing is a foolproof technology to empower consumers not only to self submit their Meter reading but also to get useful insights to reduce their monthly Bill.

Post lockdown, fat electricity bills triggered a lot of chaos in public. Bills were higher due to multiple reasons. Our observation was, the majority of the consumers do not have enough insight into the electricity bill even though they pay a month on month. 

As we were already working on the electricity billing system, we had a clear understanding of the billing logic. We quickly decided to finetune our APP to help consumers understand their consumption pattern and get an estimate of their bill.

A plain non-technical residential consumer knows that switching off unnecessary equipment when not in actual need saves energy… But still, he doesn't execute this simple step and consumes more energy. This is because of a lack of awareness in quantitative terms. If the consumer is fed with quantitative data like “ 20 units will be saved if you reduce your lighting load daily by 1 hour“, then he starts thinking consciously. This app creates this consciousness by providing quantitative insights at a just one click away      

Now, consumers are constantly able to monitor their consumption, they can foresee their bill and reduce their consumption to remain in lower slabs and get lower bills.

We have got a very good response from consumers. A decent number of consumers already able to save their monthly Bills.

We have analyzed the consumption of around 30 consumers. With simple corrections like replacing their fan with energy-efficient fans and optimising their AC consumption with energy saver retrofit, overall consumption got reduced and they got considerable savings. 

We realized every consumer needs to do this exercise to identify power guzzlers and replace them with efficient appliances. Hence we came up with the Self Appliance Audit feature. With a few simple clicks, consumers can now get insights on the consumption of each and every appliance and arrest any leakages.

Our Bharat Self Meter Reading has fixed the gap by empowering both Utilities and Consumers.

Benefits to Consumers:

No charges to domestic Indian electricity consumers until at least 1 Cr. rupees savings are realized by them.

Through our App, We will guide users step by step to easily save Crores of rupees as a whole every month.  

  1. Easy reduction of monthly Bill:

Instant insights on every scan to reduce monthly bills with simple effort.

  1. Self Appliance Audit 

           Users can self audit their appliance consumption and fix the leakages.

Users will be guided with the impact they will have by using smart energy-efficient products.

  1. Self Meter Reading

Can submit their Meter reading to respective Utilities after their approval and scan history can be used as a proof for getting actual bills in case of any issues with routine monthly bills.

  1. Utilize the services of a dynamic workforce(DWF)

Users who cannot scan the meter themselves can also save monthly with the help of DWF doing periodic scan and appliance audit at a very nominal cost X (users will get up to 10X savings)


Benefits to Utilities:

  1. Empowering consumers for 

  • Self Meter Reading

  • Instant Bill

  • Instant Pay

Now consumers can self generate their Bill & pay instantly. Entire Meter reading, Billing & Collection cycle can be completed in a minute. 

  1. Increased consumer satisfaction 

  1. Realize significant improvement in revenues as the entire Meter reading process is made foolproof.

You can download the Bharat Self Meter Reading App from google play store

You can follow us on social media & our website for useful information and updates

Bharat Self Meter Reading App

Empowering Indian Utilities & Consumers

Sikinder Reddy Thandra, Co-founder & CEO

Vinay Bhragav Reddy,Co-founder


Startup: Coral Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Thub, Hyderabad, Telangana 


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