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List of General Energy Saving Ideas

List of General Energy Saving Ideas
Energy Efficiency

Optimizing energy usage in any industry or commercial or even residential application is of utmost importance. Every product cost will tend to show some variation with improvement in energy efficiency. But since the percentage is very low in some industries people are not paying attention to it. Energy efficiency improvements always not necessarily be a big project to install something new or some big overhauling. It may be just a simple fine-tuning and even simple behavioral changes that can make much difference. Switching off the lights when not in use or shutting off the water tap tightly etc., will also be considered as the greatest energy-saving measures

Below is the list of general energy-saving ideas:

• Optimize the tariff structure with the utility supplier
• Schedule your operations to maintain a high load factor
• Shift loads to off-peak times if possible.
• Minimize maximum demand by tripping loads through a demand controller
• Stagger start-up times for equipment with large starting currents to minimize load peaking.
• Use standby electric generation equipment for on-peak high load periods.
• Correct power factor to at least 0.99 underrated load conditions.
• Relocate transformers close to main loads.
• Set transformer taps to optimum settings.
• Disconnect primary power to transformers that do not serve any active loads.
• Consider on-site electric generation or Cogeneration
• Export power to grid if you have any surplus in your captive generation
• Check utility electric meter with your own meter.
• Shut off unnecessary computers, printers, and copiers at night not even standby or sleep mode.
• Meter any unmetered utilities because just even data analysis you may optimize a significant     amount    of resources
• Know what normal efficient use is and track down causes of deviations for all major or high energy-consuming equipment
• Shut down spare, idling, or unneeded equipment
• Make sure that all of the utilities to redundant areas are turned off — including utilities like       
  compressed air and cooling water.
• Install automatic control to efficiently do demand-side management of compressor systems
 • Install master-slave controller to coordinate multiple air compressors, chillers, cooling tower         
   cells, boilers, etc.
• Renegotiate utility contracts to reflect current loads and variations.
• Consider buying utilities from neighbors, particularly to handle peaks.
• Leased space often has low-bid inefficient equipment. Consider upgrades if your lease will          '
  continue for several more years.
• Adjust fluid temperatures within acceptable limits to minimize undesirable heat transfer in long     pipelines.
• Minimize use of flow bypasses and minimize bypass flow rates.
• Provide restriction orifices in purges (nitrogen, steam, etc.).
• Eliminate unnecessary flow measurement orifices.
• Consider alternatives to high pressure drops across valves.
• Turn off winter heat tracing that is on in summer.


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