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List of Water Conservation Ideas

List of Water Conservation Ideas

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Water crisis' is the trending word all over the world now as its affecting nearly 330 million people ( one fourth population of the country).Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) report released by the Niti Aayog in 2018 shows that 21 major cities in the country like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and others will be reaching to zero groundwater levels by 2020, affecting access for about 100 million people. However, 12% of India’s population is already in the 'Day Zero' scenario, excessive groundwater pumping, an inefficient and wasteful water management system will aggravate the situation further.

Days are gone where creating awareness about water conservation through slogan on water saving, water saving poster etc., and now its the time to actually act on implementation of water conservation methods. Since there are many uses of water by almost every group of people on the earth promoting ways to save water will have some impact. Below is the list of some water conservation tips:     .
  • Use green waste water treatment mechanisms like Phytoremediation
  • Use energy saving water taps (Aerators)
  • Replace normal cooling towers with MIST cooling systems if sufficient space is available.
  • Use water less urinals
  • Install BIOLOO's which consumes almost 90% less water compared to normal systems. 
  • Recycle water, particularly for use with less-critical quality requirements.
  • Recycle water, especially if sewer costs are based on water consumption.
  • Balance closed systems to minimize flows and reduce pump power requirements
  • Eliminate once-through cooling with water,
  • Use the least expensive type of water that will satisfy the requirement.
  • Fix water leaks
  • Test for underground water leaks. (It's easy to do over a holiday shutdown.)
  • Check water overflow pipes for proper operating level.
  • Provide proper tools for wash down - especially self-closing nozzles.
  • Reduce flows at water sampling stations.
  • Eliminate continuous overflow at water tanks by installing level sensors
  • Promptly repair leaking toilets and faucets.
  • Use water restrictors on faucets, showers, etc.
  • Use self-closing type faucets in restrooms.
  • Use the lowest possible hot water temperature.
  • Do not use a heating system like hot water boiler to provide service hot water during the cooling season - install a smaller, more efficient system for the cooling season service hot water
  • If Water must be heated electrically, consider accumulation in a large insulated storage tank to minimize heating at on-peak electricity rates
  • Use multiple, distributed, small water heaters to minimize thermal losses in large piping system
  • Use freeze protection valves rather than manual bleeding of lines.
  • Consider leased and mobile water treatment systems, especially for deionized water
  • Seal sumps to prevent seepage inward from necessitating extra sump pump operation
  • Install pretreatment to reduce TOC and BOD surcharges
  • Verify the water meter readings (You'd be amazed how long a meter reading can be estimated after the meter breaks or the meter pt nlls with water)
  • Verify the sewer flows if the sewer bills are based on them


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