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Download Latest Electricity Tariff Rates of Different States in India

Download Latest Electricity Tariff Rates of Different States in India
Electricity Rates in Different States Of India
Different states in India have different electricity tariff rates and different policies for various things like rate categorization , solar net metering, Reactive power billing, Minimum demand pricing, EV charging station rates, Solar PV installation, discounts on early payment etc., If we observe clearly, just by understanding the electricity tariff policy clearly will provide us good number of opportunities in saving the electrical energy consumption charges by optimizing our system in accordance with the policy.

Some states like Maharashtra started billing penalty for leading power factor too which was not there earlier. Large scale industries who have dedicated energy managers to check these updates regularly will handle and control their system accordingly, but when it comes to an MSME it becomes a challenge for them to get updated on these time to time and will loose plenty of benefits and gets penalised also from the department. Mostly all state electricity regulatory bodies release tariff orders yearly once and hence downloading it and going through these orders will definitely help. 

Here is the collection of latest electricity tariff orders of almost all the states of India. You can download the same and optimise your systems accordingly. 

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