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Watch Lunar Eclipse 2020 Live Streaming - First one of the year : Complete Details

 Watch Lunar Eclipse 2020 Live Streaming - First one of the year : Complete Details
We are going to experience the first lunar eclipse or chandra grahan for this decade on 10th of January (Purnima) 2020. General details like date and time of eclipse will be found on any site or blog on internet.

Watch Lunar Eclipse January 2020 Live Here:

But enthusiasts who wanted to know in detail about this first lunar eclipse of this decade are in right space on internet. 
  • Dates of Chandra Grahan 2020  :    10th & 11th January 2020 
  • Chandra Grahan Start Time        :    10.30 PM
  • Chandra Grahan End Time         :    02:42 AM  
  • Total Duration                            :    4 hours 4 mins 34 seconds
  • Type of lunar eclipse                  :    Penumbral 
  • What is Penumbral Eclipse        
                       If earth's lighter shadow (penumbral parts shadow) is falling instead of full on the moon then penumbral type eclipse occurs.
Lunar Eclipse 2020

  • What can viewers see            
                            A little darker shade on moon than the regular. Mostly the identification depends on observers capacity as the variation is very minute.
  • Visible to                               
                            People from complete Asia & Europe, major parts of Africa & Australia, Very minor parts of US & South America.

Chandra grahan 2020
  •  Eclipse contact timings         :       P1 : 17:07:45 Universal Time & P2: 21:12:19 UT
Chandra grahan 2020 contacts

  • Penumbral Magnitude                   :      0.8956
  • What is Penumbral Magnitude      :           
                                      It is the fraction of moon's diameter that is covered by earth's penumbral shadow expressed in quantum.
Moon eclipse or Lunar eclipse in India is completely visible.

Happy Lunar Eclipse !!

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