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Top 8 strange photos of all time which make you think that are we crazy !!!

Top 8 strange photos of all time which make you think that are we crazy !!!
  • We have successfully launched a spacecraft to Mars in the very first attempt!!
  • We have the second largest rail network in the world !!
  • We, seventh largest nation in terms of area, have an electrification percentage of around 92% !!
  • Our internet data consumption has spiked from 20 Cr GB per month to 150 Cr GB in just 1 Year !!
If we start listing out its huge. We have advanced in all aspects in last few decades at a very faster pace. We started performing better in all global indices , but still we behave crazy !!

Below are the instances covered through strange pictures which made me think that, we are really crazy !!

1. Milestone converted to "Goddess Durga"

2. Is it a public toilet??

3. They thought it a Dustbin !!

4. It's not meant for playing Poker please...

5. Should not leverage the benefit by stealing !!

 6.  Emergency Entrance... like Emergency Exit !! 

7. Online detailed training to terrorists about commando rescue operation through live broadcasting by media !! ( 26/11)

8. Knowingly or Unknowingly ?


One foolish act can kill the complete respect earned for 100 achievements. We are almost  a developed country now and everyone is watching us, let's not give scope to others for judging us 

                                              Let's behave...Let's change..

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