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See How Your Body Can Glow a Bulb !!

See How Your Body Can Glow a Bulb !!
Is the title sounds interesting a little?
But yes that is true. Your body can glow a bulb with just a simple activity that is going to be demonstrated now.

This activity requires 2 people. Required items for the activity are a plastic chair a towel and a tester( Can buy Online).

Ask one person to sit on the plastic chair with legs upside ( without touching the ground)

Next the other should take the towel and hit the backrest portion of the chair continuously for some 10 - 15 times with the help of a towel
Then immediately touch the person's skin sitting on the chair with the tester and you see the neon bulb glow for a second !!
Now comes the interesting part, repeat above steps one more time but this time touch the person sitting on the chair directly with your hand after hitting with the towel and the next moment you feel that ZAPPPPPP!!!!

This is true as you will experience it if you perform the activity. Till now we have seen what is happening but let us know-how is it happening...

The above phenomenon is due to the very famous "Static Electricity". In our school days, we might have heard about the famous Comb and paper pieces experiment where children are asked to scatter some small pieces of paper on the table and when they rub the comb with their hair and takes near to those paper pieces, immediately they will be experiencing those pieces getting attracted to the comb.

One more like on a dry day when you are walking with woolen socks across a carpet for some time and if you touch the doorknob then you will experience a momentary shock.

Static electricity is an imbalance of electric charges accumulated on a surface. These charges remain on the object until they are able to move away by means like electric discharge( Shock). The imbalance comes when one object loses its electrons to another object on contact such that the object that loses electrons becomes positively charged and the other object becomes negatively charged. 

Generally, all the objects are made up of atoms and atoms will have an equal number of protons and electrons making them neutral. Protons are the positively charged particles inside the nucleus and are not free to move like electrons which are freely spinning around the nucleus. So with the help of friction or rubbing two objects together can pull off electrons from one object to the other. Object losing the electrons becomes positive and the one collecting becomes negative. That's why when you walk on a carpet your socks will gain the electrons from carpet and your body becomes more electronegative with plenty of free electrons  and once you touch a doorknob immediately these electrons jump on to the knob to neutralize by electric discharge ( Shock).

A similar phenomenon is taking place even in the above-said activity where the person sitting on a chair is gaining electrons from the towel and when any tiny bulb of a tester is placed or when any other person tries to touch will experience the electric discharge.

Another interesting thing to know is that even the thunderstorms from clouds are caused due to this static electricity but at a very powerful massive scale. Here actually the water droplets consisting of many atoms get polarized due to earth's electric field in such a way that all positive on one side and negative on another side of a cloud. When there is turbulence between two clouds these electron jumps take place between the droplets and once this happens the air in between get ionized due to which a powerful electric spark will gets generated called thunderstorm.

Static electricity is also to normal electricity except that these cannot move. But when any conducting path is provided these will start moving inside it causing electric shock. 

Note: some times the voltage build up due to the above activity will be very high due to dry weather conditions and due to the usage of two most electrostatic charge generating material as towel and chair and may cause a strong discharge where you may experience a bit intense shock. Hence please perform the activity with utmost care and under proper guidance at your own risk. 

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