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What are the commercial aspects involved in setting up an EV public charging station ?

What are the commercial aspects involved in setting up an EV public charging station ?
Well, the Government has announced delicensing of EV public Charging Stations (PCS) to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Notification released by the government has decently mentioned all required technical specifications required to set up and operate these stations. So it's time for the enthusiastic investors to come forward and invest in setting up this infrastructure. It is undoubted that venturing in to any business at very early stages of its commercialization will have the probability of gaining huge profits or ending up with equally high losses. At this point of time all the investors are in search of some numbers (commercial) to proceed further for setting up these PCS.

Government has mentioned certain set of minimum requirements like:
  • PCS should have a dedicated transformer along with substation equipment
  • Adequate space for charging, entry and exit of vehicles
  • 3 types of fast chargers and 2 types of slow charges matching CCS and CHadeMO manufacturing standards
  • Tie up with online network service provider for to obtain online booking of charging slots
Investors will be interested in knowing certain details related to above mentioned key requirements like
  • Nominal area required for setting up a PCS with notified infrastructure
  • Technically as well as commercially best available technology suppliers for charging infrastructure
  • Typical one time capital investment required
  • Typical operational and maintenance costs involved
  • Information on project consultants
  • Information on financial institutions providing loans for this project
  • Government incentives details for these projects if any
  • Typical returns on the investment based on the tariffs mentioned by DISCOM'S for different regions
  • Finally any successful case studies   
If public is made aware of the above mentioned information then definitely the hit ratio of them converting in to PCS investors will become high. I’m sure that many experts across the globe were already having a good idea about this information and may have even innovative analysis and strategies with them which when shared to public will create a great impact.

Through this article I hereby invite: Experts, Innovators, Analysts and all related key people to deliver their views or suggestions on above mentioned key information required for an investor to set up an EV public charging station through the comment section below.

"Let’s contribute in country's EV movement through knowledge sharing"

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