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Energy saver for air conditioner

Energy saver for air conditioner
AC ENERGY SAVERS                                 
A compressor is the major energy-consuming element in an air conditioning unit working on the vapor compression cycle. Many advancements in refrigeration & air conditioning took place in the last few years giving birth to high EER AC units but still Air conditioner manufacturers were unable to customize each unit for each climate zone separately. Hence a common setting for the hottest climate zone is getting employed. When the set temperature is achieved, the compressor continues to run for an additional fixed period say 6-8 minutes known as the overcooling period which is required only for few hours in a day in peak summer but it is over-utilized because of the balance of time. This is the area where closed-loop algorithm-based technology comes in to picture, where the compressor run cycle is optimized as per the geographical climatic conditions with the help of dual sensors.
Working of Air conditioners with Energy Savers:
These AC energy savers are simple dual sensor-based closed-loop microprocessor controlled units. These units will come in a compact structure wherein the integration with the existing AC compressor supply circuit is simple . These units are equipped with a room temperature sensor and cooling coil temperature sensor through which the feedbacks were collected. There is a provision for programming different settings like required set temperature, cooling coil temperature, and compressor off delay timing.

An efficient programming of a microprocessor located inside the device continually senses the required cooling coil temperature to achieve the set room temperature and switches the run cycle of compressor accordingly.

Indirectly the said device will operate the existing comfort Air Conditioner similar to that of a precision air conditioner with its advanced control logic which is superior to that of simple ON & OFF control. These devices can be employed to different types of AC’s like packaged, split, centralized  up to 20TR.It is observed that the energy savings potential will be much effective for those air conditioning units which are operating for long-running hours than the intermittent operating ones. AC energy savers can be used on all home, commercial and industrial ac units. This doesn't work with VRV air conditioner systems.

Energy Saver Testimonials

Few people have observed a good energy savings even in energy efficient air conditioners. But the amount of savings are relatively low on energy efficient air conditioners compared to that of normal 3 star rated AC units

Case Study:

Installed on an 11Tr dual compressor packaged AC which was running almost round the clock at Motor control center.Unit consumption without energy saver was found as 80 and with energy saver was found as 60 for 6 hour time period between 11:45 AM to 17:45 PM.There was no variation observed in room temperature in both cases.Nearly 12-15% energy savings was observed on Air conditioner with energy saver at an attractive payback period of nearly 6 months.


  1. Can this be used on vrv??

  2. No this wont wont with vrv systems as the refrigerent flow is already controlled based on the room temperatures there wont be any savings with this device again.