BEE Exam 2020 - Certified Energy Auditor Exam | Energy Manager Exam

BEE Exam 2020 - Certified Energy Auditor Exam | Energy Manager Exam

21st BEE Certified Energy Auditor / Energy Manager Exam 2020 Notification

BEE Exam 2020 Update

BEE Certified Energy Auditor Exam notification will be generally released in the month of may and exam will be conducted in the month of September. But maybe due to COVID 19 situation notification for BEE exam 2020 got delayed. 

BEE & NPC in their website hinted us about conducting of 21st National Certification Examination (NCE-2020) for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors with modified format/mode that is going to be announced shortly. Speculations around are like the exam may be in an online format as virtual is new normal now. All aspirants, get prepared!!    

Also, BEE & NPC in their website has released a willingness format for receiving updated information on upcoming examination (2020-2021.) All aspirants can register to get the updates directly from exam cell.

BEE National Certification Examination (NCE) For Energy Managers and Energy Auditors  

Bureau of Energy Efficiency Energy Auditor Exam Background:

Indian Energy Conservation Act, 2001, an institutional framework has been set up in India for promoting energy efficiency in various sectors of the economy all the energy efficiency programmes and policies in India are now being supervised by the said Act.

Some major provisions of EC Act relate to:

1. Designated Consumers (mainly energy-intensive industries) to comply with the specific energy consumption norms for the products & services delivered by them.

2. Standard and labelling of energy-consuming appliances, gadgets and equipment to ensure the promotion of energy efficiency of the new stocks entering the market.

3. Energy Conservation Building Codes to ensure that new commercial buildings constructed in the country have lesser power consumption.

4. Creation of Institutional Set up (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) for effective coordination of the energy conservation efforts in the country.

5. Establishment of Energy Conservation Fund at Centre and States to provide necessary financial support for energy efficiency initiatives in the country.

Within a framework of policies, focusing on optimal utilization of energy resources, energy manager/ energy auditor profession is going to become one of the sought after in the near future. In demand are energy managers and energy auditors who will not only track and save energy but also help minimize its planet-unfriendly impacts like greenhouse gas emissions. 

The path to engage energy managers and energy auditors have already been laid in Indian industry through Indian National Certification Examination (NCE) for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors.

BEE Exam 2020 Pattern:

BEE Energy Auditor exam will have a total of  4 papers, out of which 4th paper will be of the open-book test.





For detailed syllabus check Prospectus here.

BEE Exam 2020 Eligibility Criteria for CEM & CEA:

The candidates registering for the bee certified energy manager/auditor entrance exam shall fulfill the following eligibility criteria: 

 1. Graduate Engineer (B.E/B.Tech) or “Equivalent” along with THREE YEARS of work experience involving the use of energy in operation, maintenance, planning, etc.

 2. Post Graduate Engineer (M.E/M.Tech) or “Equivalent” along with TWO YEARS of work experience involving the use of energy in operation, maintenance, planning, etc. 

3. Graduate Engineer with Post Graduate degree in Management or “Equivalent” along with TWO YEARS of work experience involving the use of the energy in operation, maintenance, planning, etc.

Candidates must have acquired the requisite number of years of work experience as on the closing date of the application i.e. 19th July 2019. Candidates without requisite work experience are not eligible to register for the examination.

Qualification of BEE Energy Auditor / Energy Manager Exam:

A candidate is declared to have passed the energy manager/energy auditor examination by aipnpc, provided he/she secures a minimum of 50% marks in each of the written papers as applicable. In case, he/she does not secure a minimum of 50% marks in each paper(s) as stipulated above, he/she is deemed to have failed in the said National Certification Examination for which the candidate has registered. The candidate, however, has the option to apply and register himself as a fresh candidate. A maximum of THREE attempts per paper within SIX consecutive examinations. 

Upgradation from Certified Energy Manager to Certified Energy Auditor:

Only candidates who have qualified for Energy Managers and also fulfil the eligibility criteria for appearing as Energy Auditors are eligible for upgradation.The choice of exercising this option is restricted to a period of 5 YEARS from the date of issue of Energy Manager Certificate. Those eligible candidates who wish to apply for upgradation shall use their existing register number (ONLY ONCE) and need to qualify by appearing in a maximum of THREE attempts within SIX consecutive examinations. 

Award of BEE Exam Certificate:

A candidate qualifying in Paper-1, Paper-2 & Paper-3 is eligible for the award of the Energy Manager Certificate. 

Energy Auditor candidates, passing in Paper-1, Paper-2 & Paper-3, but failing in Paper-4 are eligible for the award of Energy Manager Certificate.

A candidate qualified as Certified Energy Auditor automatically qualifies for the Energy Manager’s certificate.

The validity of Certificate:

The certificate issued to successful candidates is valid for a period of FIVE YEARS and renewable every five years. For renewal, certified energy managers/energy auditors shall attend a short-term refresher course conducted by the Bureau or the agency. After attending the Refresher course, candidates are required to inform BEE about attending the Refresher Course in a specified format so that the certificate is renewed for another five-year period.

For refresher course details you may log on to

BEE Energy Manager Exam 2020 Books (Guides):

The fourth edition of BEE Energy auditor exam books for Paper -1, 2, 3 & 4 will be supplied to the registered candidates of 20th National Certification Examination for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors. Soft copy of these books are also available online at Energy Manager Exam 2020 Books

BEE Energy Auditor Exam Books
Cover pages of books by AIPNPC for BEE exam

21st Bureau of Energy Efficiency Energy Manager/ Energy Auditor Exam Schedule:

BEE Energy auditor exam schedule

Paper-1, 2 & 3 are common for Energy Manager and Energy Auditor and consist of both objective and descriptive type questions.

Paper-4 for Energy Auditors is an open book examination and consists of descriptive and numerical questions. The candidates can refer to their supplied fourth edition energy auditor exam books. No other books/written materials will be allowed for reference. The degree of difficulty in Paper -4 will be comparatively much higher than the other papers.

21st BEE Exam Centers:

The proposed centres for the conduct of “National Certification Examination” are: – Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kochi, Dehradun, Delhi/NCR, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Ranchi, Thiruvananthapuram and Vadodara. For  some exam, the centre addresses chek here 

The applicant has to give THREE CHOICES of an examination centre in the order of preference. No change of centre (once chosen by the applicant) will be entertained under any circumstances.If the number of applicants for a particular centre is found to be less than a minimum number required, they will be shifted to the next preferred Centre. 

Fee Details:

This exam will have a registration fee initially and an examination fee too. Any candidate if unable to clear the exam in very first attempt then for next two attempts he can write the exam again by paying just the examination fees.( no need of registration fee again)

Exam Fee

Energy Manager Exam Fees

How To Apply for Certified Energy Auditor Exam:

Apply here through aipnpc site

In the process of registration, it is compulsory for the candidates to give e-mail ID and a valid mobile number as most of the communication regarding the examination will be sent through either e-mail and/or SMS.

The last date for submission of Online application is yet to be notified and the last date for receipt of hardcopy of the application along with required enclosures to AIPNPC office is yet to be notified

Documents to be enclosed:
  • Filled-In Application form
  • Photocopy of Degree certificate as per eligibility
  • Proof of work experience - (Download Employee Certificate Format Here)
  • Self-employed candidates shall attach proof of at least two major works carried out for the clients. (Attach either work order or letter from the clients). In addition, the candidates shall attach photocopies of the recent Income tax returns for a minimum period of two years.
  • For other fee relaxation candidates - government proof in the local language is required
Mailing Address:

The Controller of Examination, NCE for EM & EA, 
National Productivity Council, 
Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Productivity, 6, Aavin Dairy Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate (North), Ambattur, Chennai – 600 050, Mobile: +91 9677 245 234, Fax: 044 – 2625 5012, Email:

BEE Energy Auditor exam results conducted by AIPNPC will be declared somewhere in the month of JanuaryFebruary. The e-Mark sheet can be downloaded online at on the day of the publication of results.

Download 20th Energy Auditor/ Energy Manager Exam Certificate and E-ID Card Here

21st BEE Certified Energy Auditor Exam 2020 Notification:

Notification of 21st BEE energy auditor exam is expected in the months of April/May 2021. The exam will be conducted most probably in the 3rd week of September. Exams will be conducted mostly on Saturday and Sunday.

21st BEE Energy Auditor Exam 2020 Results:

Will be announced most probably in the month of December 2020 or Jan 2021.

21st BEE Certified Energy Auditor Exam Online Training:

Online Training for Energy Manager/ Auditor Exam

Online training/coaching for BEE Energy auditor exam is given by CII Godrej Green Business Center. The course will commence on 7th April 2020 to 22 May 2020. You may click here for the registration page. Alternatively, you may write to for registrations. Some independent consultants were also providing bee exam training online.

Energy auditor exam offline training is provided by various organisations and even individuals. Kerala Energy Management Centre is also providing a 5-day intensive training for BEE exam.

How to crack BEE Energy Auditor Exam 2020:

First three papers can be easily cleared if we practice the last 5 years question papers available online. Try to attempt to complete 150 marks to clear the exam easily. In first paper do not stick on to writing essay answers at full length which will eat away your time. Be specific to the point and address all the points in a brief manner. The logic of more pages the answer more the marks don't work here.

Second paper on thermal is relatively easier to mechanical and chemical engineering people whereas electrical engineering people need to work out more on this. Be prepared for 5 chapters thoroughly and solve multiple problems. Be thorough with the formulas as the time management is important and deriving the formulas in the exam will eat away lots of your time.

And third paper titled electrical systems & utilities is relatively easier. Please note that electrical systems related questions will be of very less percentage compared to utilities. Don't miss compressors, fans and pumps as the major chunk of questions comes from these topics. Prepare well on HVAC too as it will help in cracking the 4th paper.

And for final 4th paper first and important thing to keep in mind is not to refer the book for everything. You need to have great control and time management rather than technical skill to clear this paper. Just try to refer only formulas but not the model or anything else. You need to attempt for at least 80 marks to clear this paper out. All the questions will be of page length and require a lot of time to understand. Don't be hurry in starting the answer instead spend relatively quality time in understanding the question. If you are able to write 3 long questions by 1.5 hours then you are almost done else it will be a difficult task. Don't spend more than 10 mins for 10 short one-word answers.

Practising all the previous year papers multiple times is the simplest way to crack this paper out.

Important links:
Other Information:

Candidates can download the e-Hall Ticket at “” from 05th September 2019 onwards. The Registration No. and the Seating No. will be intimated along with the e-Hall Ticket

Main Answer Booklet contains both the OMR sheet and Answer sheets. The answer booklet is differentiated with a colour-coding viz “Green Color” & “Pink Color”. The candidate shall ensure that colour of question paper received matches the colour of the “Main Answer Booklet”.

Attendance sheet is introduced with a QR code. The candidate shall ensure affixing of the QR code with a corresponding registration number by the invigilator in the “Main Answer Booklet”.

The date of commencement of e-Final Certificate and e-ID card download will be intimated through SMS. The download can be made from the website using Registration Number and Date of Birth of the candidate and entering the OTP sent to the registered mobile number. 

In case of any changes in the communication address or mobile no, candidates shall immediately intimate to mail id for updating in the database.

Accredited Energy Auditor:

An accredited energy auditor is the one who after getting certified as an energy auditor from BEE,  gains relevant experience in the field and is authorised to conduct mandatory energy audits and M&V audits as notified by BEE.

1. Qualifications for accredited energy auditor.-  An energy auditor shall be qualified to become an accredited energy auditor if, he/she-

a) is a certified energy manager and has passed the examination in “Energy Performance Assessment for Equipment and Utility Systems” conducted by the Bureau

b) has an experience of five years in energy audit out of which at least three years’ shall be in any of the Energy Intensive Industries; and

c) has been granted a certificate of accreditation by the Bureau

2. Application for grant of certificate of accreditation.- A qualified person, possessing qualifications as above, may apply for Accreditation along with the following documents

a) Five detailed energy audit reports in any of the Energy Intensive Industries
undertaken by the energy auditor in an individual capacity or as a leader or
associate or active team member of the energy audit team;

b) Feedback received from clients for the Audit reports (5 numbers) submitted.

c) Demand draft of rupees one thousand payable by demand draft drawn in favour of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, NewDelhi;

d). A list of at least four up-to-date basic instruments possessed by the auditor/firm in whose name he will be doing the audit, namely, clip-on-type, power measuring instruments, flue gas analyser, temperature and lux measuring instruments, duly calibrated by a laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, in the Letterhead of the Firm and duly signed and stamped by the authorized officer.

e). Filled in Form III and Form IV (given in Annexure-II)

f). Copy of the Certificate for Energy Auditor.

g) Experience certificate of Minimum 5 years in the field of energy audit and out of the said 5 years, three years in any of energy-intensive industries specified in the Schedule of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 (52 of 2001).Experience is counted only after he has become a certified energy auditor.

g). Letter from the organization, whose name is given as Firm name under which energy audit is proposed to be conducted.

3. Evaluation Criteria

The Accreditation Advisory Committee constituted by the Bureau, for the purpose of grant of certificate of accreditation, shall assess the energy audit experience and competence of the energy auditor who has applied for a certificate of accreditation on the basis of an oral interview on the following criteria, namely:-

a) evaluation of five detailed energy audit reports submitted along with the application;

b) the number of and the kind of Energy Intensive Industries in which detailed energy audits have been made;

c) association of applicant with number of and kind of experts including full-time energy auditors or part-time energy auditors or consultants with expertise in thermal, electrical utilities and processes and nature of such association;

d) possession of at least four up-to-date basic instruments namely, clip-on-type, power measuring instruments, flue gas analyser, temperature and lux measuring instruments which are duly calibrated by a laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories and expertise in using such instruments for the conduct of energy audit;

e) manner of work followed in energy audit;

f) training experience;

g) quality of field studies including observations, probing skills, collection and generation of data, depth of technical knowledge and analytical abilities;

h) quality of recommendations for improving energy efficiency or for conserving energy;

i) capacity to undertake cost-benefit analysis of recommended measures for improving energy efficiency or for conserving energy and preparation of action plan for implementation of recommendations for the reduction of energy consumption; and

j) quality of energy audit reports. On the basis of the assessment made, the Accreditation Advisory Committee shall make a recommendation to the Bureau for accreditation of energy auditor.

4. Certificate of accreditation:

If the recommendation made by the accreditation advisory committee is accepted by the Bureau, the name of the applicant shall bee in the register of List of accredited energy auditors maintained and a certificate of accreditation in Form II ( as given in the Notified Regulation) shall be granted to the energy auditor on payment of annual accreditation fee of rupees one thousand payable by demand draft drawn in favour of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, New Delhi.

5. Rejection of Application: The Bureau may, for reasons to be recorded inw reject the application for accreditation made by an energy auditor and intimate the same to him within a period of one month.

6. The validity of the Accreditation Certificate: The certificate of accreditation shall be valid until it is cancelled under regulations.

7. Maintenance of list of accredited energy auditors, their offices and firms.-

(1) The Bureau shall maintain a register containing a list of accredited energy auditors in Form III (Please refer the Notified Regulation).

(2) The accredited energy auditor or a firm of such accredited energy auditor shall, before opening an office in the trade name or firm name, apply to the Bureau for approval to use the trade name or the firm name and on such approval, the Bureau shall maintain the register of offices and firms of accredited energy auditors in Form

IV. (Note: A modified version of Form IV as Annexure-II, is given below which is required to be submitted by the Applicant at the time of submission of application.)

(3) The Bureau shall cause to be published the first list of accredited energy auditors and list of offices and firms of accredited energy auditors as soon as they are finalised and thereafter these lists shall be updated and published regularly and uploaded on the Bureau’s official website namely,

(4) Every accredited energy auditor shall submit to the Bureau any change in the information given in the application for accreditation for the purpose of updating the list.

(5) A copy of the updated list of accredited energy auditors shall be sent to the designated agencies of the States and designated consumers on the first day of April every year through electronic mail.

8. Removal and restoration of names in the register of the list of accredited energy auditors and Cancellation of certificate of accreditation

List of accredited energy auditors under Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Hope this article covers all the questions related to " How to become a BEE certified energy auditor/ energy manager / Accredited Energy Auditor in India"

For AEE certified Certified Energy Auditor Details Click Here - AEE certification is widely accepted by many countries around the world like USA, Canada, UAE etc.,

*Info has been taken from the prospectus. The exam conducting authority may change any data at any time.


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